Antelope Island

With my audition over, I could explore the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island is only 45 min from downtown and offers views of the lake as well as bison, antelope, snakes, and birds. On a Monday afternoon, it was nearly empty, the silence only pierced by bird calls and the thud of startled wings beating out of nearby shrubs. The lake is interesting– the water ripples and subtly sparkles in the sun, but its crusty edges are not sand. Driving over the jetty, you could see long thin tracks of some predator that had stepped sheer across the salt deep into the center of the body.

Driving along the length of the island, we saw a group of antelope grazing, haunches-deep in the bush, little white tails shaking. A family of four Bison grazed closer to the water, east, hulking and dark. I named them all: Bob, Morticia, Clarence, and Jeffrey. Later we found an enormous bull on his own on a hill. He glanced up from his eating and we looked at each other for what seemed like minutes.

Fall here had left everything a golden brown, but striations of rock showed brown, yellow, green, pink, and camouflaged a snake waiting for us in the crevices of Buffalo Point. Life scuttles just under the surface of death, under the small carcass just beyond the shore.



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